My Journey to Seven AWS Certifications

I recently achieved my seventh AWS certification! These include all foundational, associate, and professional certifications, as well as one specialty certification. In … Read The Full News

S3 Pricing Deep Dive

The pricing of Amazon S3 has many facets to it. This article explores many of these factors in detail to give you … Read The Full News

Building the S3 API in Amazon API Gateway

If you have ever used the Amazon API Gateway to build an application backend, you are probably familiar with most of its … Read The Full News

CloudWatch Embedded Metric Format: Publish Custom Metrics Alongside Log Event Data

CloudWatch lets you publish custom metrics from your applications. These are metrics that are not provided by the AWS services themselves and … Read The Full News

Use AWS CloudWatch Synthetics Canaries to Monitor Your Production Website UI and Backend APIs Automatically

CloudWatch in AWS has grown over time to include a lot of features. Each of these tackles the challenge of application monitoring … Read The Full News

AWS Project Task List Based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework

If you have ever used the AWS Well-Architected Tool to perform a Well-Architected review of your workload, you must have come across … Read The Full News

Understanding the Terraform Resources that Create an AWS API Gateway REST API

If you have ever tried to create a REST API in AWS API Gateway using Terraform, you know how cumbersome it can … Read The Full News

Delegate AWS IAM User and Role Creation without Giving Away Admin Access

Up until a few years ago, if you were the administrator of your organization’s AWS accounts, the only way for anyone in … Read The Full News

Automate EC2 AMI Build and Deployment with AWS Systems Manager

Consider a typical EC2-based application fronted by a load balancer with a number of EC2 instances in an auto-scaling group behind it. … Read The Full News

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