Our Expert Areas

Our Expert Areas


Do you create your cloud infrastructure by hand? Are you stuck managing snowflake servers?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to deploy to production without any human intervention?

Do you know when your application is down? Do your customers call you complaining of slow and buggy apps? Are you overpaying for cloud infrastructure? Did you know that your servers are constantly under attack from around the world?

Did you know that there is nothing stopping your developers from spinning up virtual machines that could cost you thousands of dollars? How do you keep an eye on something like this?

The Data Journey

Data is becoming increasingly difficult to manage, but at the same time there is a lot of untapped potential in business data.

Are you having issues managing ever growing data? Have you selected the proper storage at the right cost or made sure that data is properly secured in transit and at rest?

Are you sure your backups and disaster recovery policies are up to date, have they been battle tested and not only once but frequently? How are frameworks like GDPR and HIPAA impacting your business?

Or how do you generate value out of your data, by using traditional Business Intelligence or more advanced analytics like predictive or stream analysis, or perhaps by building a data lake? How do you apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain a competitive edge in your business?

All of these questions can be answered by leveraging cloud tools and services.

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Cloud Implementation

The cloud, coupled with a strong digital strategy, are integral parts of any business that wants to become successful.

Cloud Native Development

Developing native cloud applications can reduce the overall effort with 20-40% compared to traditional software development.

Development in the cloud is more about building applications, where you consume ready-made services in your applications, instead of coding them from scratch or by using old fashioned libraries.

Coupling this rapid building of applications with DevOps/DevSecOps in a pipeline means that software can be delivered more reliably, more frequently and with less errors.

In addition to cloud native tools from cloud vendors, we also utilize third party tools that nicely compliment what is available in the cloud, for example the Atlassian suite.

Serverless Computing

We Design, Build, Deploy & Support Serverless Apps

Build and run applications without thinking about provisioning, maintaining, and administering the servers.

Serverless helps reduce complexity for building a modern scalable application, while at the same time enabling a high level of independent services with no servers to manage and pay-per-use pricing model. You also no longer need to worry about ensuring application fault tolerance and availability. Instead, AWS handles all of these capabilities for you. 

This allows you to focus on product innovation while enjoying faster time-to-market.

AWS Lambda

We build or migrate solutions to a serverless compute service that runs on high-availability compute infrastructure, without provisioning or managing servers.

Amazon API Gateway

We build secure and scalable APIs rapidly with a variety of different types of architectures.

Managed Services

Seamless simplicity and less headaches are the proven and guaranteed outcomes when our experts are managing your cloud needs..

Applications, Infrastructure and environments take a lot to manage. They need to be optimized at all times to serve customers, internal users or others. At the same time, they need to be secure, well managed and available 24/7, if not, your business suffers.

QloudX is a next generation managed service provider and experts in making cloud environments run as efficiently as possible. When we manage your applications and infrastructure, it also means that your internal teams can focus on what matters most.

We have supported multiple customers in various coverage models according to their needs (24X7; 8X5; 16X5, etc). On your cloud journey, we can scale-up in terms of coverage, so that it mirrors your growing requirements, providing a more cost-effective approach.

Are you not sure how to proceed with digital transformation and the cloud? Are you already in the midst of your journey but need a seasoned sparring partner? Or, do you want to ensure that you invest in the right places to maximize value?

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