CargoWise in the cloud

As an industry first, you can now leverage the cloud to maximise performance, scalability, disaster recovery amongst other cloud benefits and values for your CargoWise application. CargoWise is a single-platform solution designed to ease the management of operations and execution of transactions in the logistics industry. It is used by 25 of the top 25 global freight forwarders and by over 17,000 logistics organisations worldwide.

Benefits of a private global network infrastructure

CargoWise in the Cloud

Want to know more about the benefits of moving to the cloud, or curious whether your transport management system can be implemented in the cloud? Contact one of our experts!

    Why leverage the cloud for CargoWise?

    While CargoWise is a market leading transport management system, hosting the application has proven to be difficult and costly. With on-premise hosting, ensuring capable computing resources, power loads, footprint etc. to meet the workload demands of users, has required a need for over-provisioning and excessive capacity planning. Furthermore, on-premise hosting is not scalable or flexible in nature, which makes it hard to manage, especially on a long-term basis – not to mention the occurence of unexpected downtimes and security risks.

    For global operations with tight deadlines and little room for error, consistent performance and reliability are crucial factors for an application that sits this close to the heart of the business.

    Global networking

    We have done it before!

    In Q3 / Q4 of 2020, we migrated the CargoWise infrastructure to the cloud for a global freight forwarder. The project was successful and we proved that cloud hosting was superior to the on-premises model. Several benefits were realised, ranging from basic cloud benefits such as scalability to an improved end-user experience (see above). We built all the CargoWise cloud environments for this customer, utilising the AWS Cloud, and facilitated further value-creation through our managed services. By hosting your CargoWise application and related third-party systems in the cloud, you will gain many cloud-native benefits, while supercharging your applications. Improve your application delivery and core processes by leveraging our cloud expertise and CargoWise experience:

    • Successful CargoWise implementation knowledge.

    • Custom Toolkit for CargoWise in the cloud.

    • Certified Cloud consultants.

    • Proven implementation partner for the transportation & logistics domain.

    Benefits of Using Cloud

    Through a custom-built cloud solution, we can guarantee to alleviate the pain points you may experience, while matching your specific needs and requirements. Performance is a key driver of the design of the AWS global infrastructure. AWS has the largest global infrastructure footprint of any cloud provider, and this footprint is expanding continuously to help customers deliver better end-user experiences. Every data center, availability zone, and AWS Region is interconnected via a purpose-built, highly available, and low-latency private global network infrastructure. Below are some of the inherent benefits of using cloud:

    Virtualized Configuration

    • Scalable – Easy scalability as more users are onboarded.
    • Right-sizing from the beginning means better cost control and optimization from Day 0 (zero).
    • Backup – Recovery and continued operation in case of disaster (data center failure, server corruption, or cyber-attacks)


    • Highly available systems are reliable in the sense that they continue operating even when critical components fail.

    • Performance – It offers a high level of operational performance and quality over a relevant period.

    Disaster Recovery (Warm Standby)

    • A scaled-down version of a fully functional environment running in a different Cloud Zone.

    • In case of failure of the production system, the disaster recovery site can be scaled up for production load in a matter of minutes, and DNS records will be changed to route all traffic to the disaster recovery site.

    Why QloudX?

    QloudX are next-gen cloud experts with a large and heterogenous portfolio of successful strategic migrations and cloud implementations, alongside distinctive expertise in the transportation & logistics field. We go beyond simple application support and will educate you in extracting maximum value from your cloud journey. When we manage your applications and infrastructure, it also means that your internal teams can focus on what matters most. As your next-generation managed service provider, we will also continuously advocate for new services and practices that deliver value to you.

    A Tailormade Operations Model

    We can help you manage your cloud environments. We have supported multiple customers in various coverage models according to their needs (24X7; 8X5; 16X5, etc). On your cloud journey, we will scale-up in terms of coverage, so that it mirrors the CargoWise rollout. We will also scale-up in terms of team strength as we add more users, providing a more cost-effective approach.

    Case Studies

    QloudX has designed and developed cloud infrastructure for hosting CargoWise. A feat that has not been accomplished before. Read the case-study below for more details.



    A more than 100-year-old logistics company wanted to host their supply-chain management platform in the cloud. This involved hosting CargoWise and accompanying third-party applications in the AWS cloud, in a manner that was future-proof and ensured transparency, security and availability. Additionally, the solution was required to be faster and more reliable than existing on-premise hosting.

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    Niklas Palmqvist – Cofounder, Partner & CEO

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    Niklas Palmqvist is Co-Founder of QloudX and a Digital Transformation expert. In his current role, and in his previous role as a global CIO, spearheaded a multitude of digital transformation initiatives for businesses around the globe and across industries. He has worked as an evangelist to promote and orchestrate DevOps culture and cloud solutions across organizations. For more details, check his full bio.

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