Digital Transformation & Cloud Journey

In an ever-changing business environment, adapting fast is the only way to succeed.

Digital Transformation & Cloud Journey

Digital Transformation

Even though the impact of Digitalization on businesses is profound, many businesses are struggling to realize the full potential. According to McKinsey, Europe is operating at 12% of its digital potential while the USA is at 18%.

Cloud services ranging from templatized and scalable infrastructure to serverless applications to advanced analytics and machine learning on demand are a few excellent tools to boost your digitization journey.

As an AWS Advanced partner and digital transformation experts, QloudX have partnered with various customers around the world in order to help these businesses to achieve their highest digital potential.

The QloudX Difference

We help businesses across the globe to achieve their true digital potential, by using cloud technology as an enabler.

We do things differently and for a reason. One example is our unique ‘Global View – Local Service’ mindset. We have highly seasoned strategic and senior consultants where customers are located. This is coupled with best of breed offshore delivery, making sure that the solutions we provide are not only solving business challenges in a unique and sound way, but are also affordable.

We believe this is the perfect mix required to drive your digital transformation and cloud journey.

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Are you not sure how to proceed with digital transformation and the cloud? Are you already in the midst of your journey but need a seasoned sparring partner? Or, do you want to ensure that you invest in the right places to maximize value?

    The Cloud Journey

    The cloud, coupled with a strong digital strategy, are integral parts of any business that wants to become successful.

    We help our customers to migrate, manage, and modernize in the cloud. We do this by implementing cloud services and solutions from all the major cloud providers, especially Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

    We build agile solutions to stay sharp, with a unique combination of your on-premise workloads and private cloud, combined with the power and scalability of the public cloud.

    A Journey — Not a Destination

    There is no single cloud solution that solves every problem, and no one is migrating to the cloud over night. Keeping in mind that cloud transformation is an iterative journey will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

    It is vital to understand how your on-premises workloads can be paired with the cloud to generate additional value. And then move towards automation, infrastructure management, added flexibility, and other inherent benefits from there.

    QloudX’s holistic approach to solving business challenges with technology, does not only provide technical cloud expertise and world-class management of your servers. We start with an understanding of the your business and overall IT strategy, and based on this we guide & support this vision with custom made cloud solutions.  

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    Cloud Discovery & Migration

    We will uncover your challenges and hidden problems and turn these into solutions and value in the cloud. We’ll wrap this in a Cloud Discovery report which is easy to digest, even for laymen.

    Best of all, the report is free (please don’t tell too many people…)

    Multi & Hybrid Cloud

    In the old cloud days (which is not that long ago), having one cloud vendor was adequate.

    However, these days having an all-encompassing multi cloud strategy across multiple public cloud vendors and/or a hybrid cloud strategy across your on-premise data center(s) and the public cloud is essential.

    The cloud eco system is also getting more and more complex every day and it is not easy to navigate the cloud jungle with continuous announcements of new tools and services from major cloud vendors.

    In other words, selecting the right tools (and cost effective tools) for the job is essential.

    Fully managed Cloud

    Some businesses follow a DIY approach when it comes to managing IT resources, ranging from servers, storage to complex applications. However, it takes considerate time, effort and expertise to do this successfully.

    Successful companies are focusing on their core business, on the things that really matter to them and return the biggest values, which traditionally is not managing data centers or their applications.

    With a managed cloud service, businesses can use and consume the power of cloud computing, ranging from basic compute and storage to emerging and complex technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

    And, with a fully managed cloud service from QloudX, all this can be achieved without having to worry about how this will impact existing IT resources or if right skill set is available.

    Cloud & Data

    According to Gartner, worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services was forecast to grow 23.1% in 2021 — from $270 billion in 2020 to $332.2 billion — and increased an additional 16% in 2022.

    The last few years have required all organizations, whether big or small, across all industries to fully embrace digital transformation. The major cloud providers saw a rush from businesses to move their data to the cloud during the pandemic, which also allowed CIOs to alleviate most resistance to migrating mission-critical workloads.

    We are now truly feeling the effects of the increased pace of change, with cloud services and solutions slowly becoming the norm. Additionally, emerging technologies such as serverless computing and containerization are becoming more mainstream.

    Technological advancements are also leading to a massive increase in quantities of data. According to the World Economic Forum and Raconteur, the world had aggregated a total of 44 zettabytes of data by 2020, and by 2025 we are expected to generate data amounts equivalent to 3.5 times that figure every year.

    Yet, despite widespread cloud adoption and projected data generation of unfathomable size, the vast majority of businesses are still relying solely on on-premises data centers and not catching up with the industrial transformation.

    It is no longer a question of “when?“, but rather a question of “how?” you will use the cloud to your advantage.

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