Simplify Working with Multiple Microsoft Accounts with Microsoft Power Automate

Introduction Do you find yourself juggling multiple Microsoft accounts throughout the day? Do you work with many clients, each with their own … Read The Full News

Unlocking Document Processing at Scale with Amazon Textract: A High-Level Machine Learning Service – Part 1

Introduction In today’s data-driven landscape, efficient document processing is a key element for businesses striving to enhance productivity and streamline operations. Amazon … Read The Full News


AWS CodeWhisperer: A Generative AI Companion for Coding

What is CodeWhisperer? AWS CodeWhisperer is a machine learning coding companion that suggests code recommendations in real time to enhance developer efficiency … Read The Full News

devops patching

Automate your patching: Step by step guide using AWS patch manager

Introduction SSM Patch Manager, also known as AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager, is a service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) designed … Read The Full News

electron desktop apps

Customize Electron Desktop Apps with JavaScript & CSS

Introduction Browser extensions like Stylus & Tampermonkey let you style any webpage with custom CSS & run custom JavaScript code on any … Read The Full News

business gears

Leveraging Custom Images for AWS CodeBuild: Enhancing Your Build Process

Introduction AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed continuous integration service that allows you to compile, test, and package your code. While CodeBuild … Read The Full News

Automatically Test Your EC2 Backups to Ensure Recoverability in Case of Disasters

Backups are important! But testing backups are just as important! Backups that don’t work when restored are just as useless as not … Read The Full News

Still Using EC2 Key Pairs? Switch to Session Manager Now!

If you have ever launched an EC2 instance, you must be familiar with how AWS asks you to select or create a … Read The Full News

Keep Your EC2 Instances Always Up To Date with AWS Systems Manager Maintenance Windows

If you run an EC2-based workload in AWS, you must have a patching strategy in place. Otherwise, you leave yourself exposed to … Read The Full News

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