• In an ever-changing business environment, adapting fast is the only way to succeed

    Digital Transformation

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  • An agile solution to stay sharp, with a unique combination of your on-premise workloads and private cloud, combined with the power and scalability of the public cloud

    Multi & Hybrid Cloud

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  • Seamless simplicity and less headaches are the proven and guaranteed outcomes when our experts are managing your cloud needs

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The Qloudx Difference

We help businesses across the globe to achieve their true digital potential, by using cloud technology as an enabler.

We do things differently and for a reason. One example is our unique ‘Global View – Local Service’ mindset. We have highly seasoned strategic and senior consultants where customers are located. This is coupled with best of breed offshore delivery, making sure that the solutions we provide are not only solving business challenges in a unique and sound way, but also being affordable.

We believe this is the perfect mix required to drive your digital transformation journey.

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About Us

We are proud to have delivered technology services to customers all over the globe for more than 30 years, our heritage goes all the way back to 1987.

Technology has evolved drastically over the past three decades and so have we!

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What’s in it for the business:

Companies across the globe are transforming their businesses to achieve new goals and to reach new markets. Technology and especially cloud technologies are fundamental drivers for this transformation.

We are experts at driving digital transformation journeys. We achieve this by having the best talent available and by using cutting edge tools & technologies and by partnering with the best cloud providers. Our team has literally been through it all and we have the battle scars to prove it!

Business Optimization

Business Acceleration

Technology Innovation

Application Modernization

Like it or not, we all have legacy applications. We wish these would be easy to upgrade and less costly to manage, but the reality is in most cases the opposite.

Big Data, Analytics & Data Lakes

Every business has vast amounts of data. Even though many companies have applied Business Intelligence solutions, these are in many cases not realizing the full potential.

Enterprise Integration Platforms

The need Integration Platforms (or Hubs) Solutions and especially iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is increasing as enterprises get more disparate systems and data.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain & Emerging Technologies

Most IT managers & IT executives are bombarded with new technologies they need to evaluate in order to stay competitive.

Case Studies

Ever heard of a 100 year-old retail brand experience integration of multiple applications such as Salesforce, Oracle PoS (Point of Service), Order Management and partner applications into a serverless microservices powered cloud integration hub?


News & Blogs

Hear on the latest digital transformation and cloud trends, developments and solutions from our team of cloud solution architects and industry thought leaders.

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