Velero for Kubernetes Backup: Install & Configure

Introduction We got introduced to Velero in the last article in this series. In this post, we will learn to install & … Read The Full News

An Introduction to Velero for Kubernetes Backup & Restore

Introduction Velero is an open source, VMware-backed tool to backup, restore, migrate, and perform DR on Kubernetes cluster resources & persistent volumes. … Read The Full News

Understanding the Terraform Resources that Create an AWS API Gateway REST API

If you have ever tried to create a REST API in AWS API Gateway using Terraform, you know how cumbersome it can … Read The Full News

Automate EC2 AMI Build and Deployment with AWS Systems Manager

Consider a typical EC2-based application fronted by a load balancer with a number of EC2 instances in an auto-scaling group behind it. … Read The Full News

Automate EC2 AMI Builds Triggered by Code Pushed to AWS CodeCommit Repositories

EC2 Image Builder is an AWS service that provides “image pipelines”. Image pipelines are a way to trigger builds of your AMI … Read The Full News

Let Infrastructure Provisioners Create EC2 Instances Without Giving Away SSH Key Pair Access

Unless you’re a startup or a small business, it’s very likely that the people who create your AWS infrastructure are not the … Read The Full News

Automate EC2 Replacement at Scale with AWS CLI

Consider a scenario: You have hundreds of EC2 instances which need to be upgraded. Although routine patches & updates can be automated … Read The Full News

Enforce Resource Tagging in AWS Using IAM Policy Conditions

Tags are very important in a shared cloud environment. They serve many purposes. They let us attribute costs to the right departments. … Read The Full News

Monitor & Alert for Failed Authentication Attempts to Your AWS Account

We live in the information age. In a world where knowledge is power, your data is the most precious commodity. This makes … Read The Full News

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