Automate EC2 Replacement at Scale with AWS CLI

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Enforce Resource Tagging in AWS Using IAM Policy Conditions

Tags are very important in a shared cloud environment. They serve many purposes. They let us attribute costs to the right departments. … Read The Full News

Monitor & Alert for Failed Authentication Attempts to Your AWS Account

We live in the information age. In a world where knowledge is power, your data is the most precious commodity. This makes … Read The Full News

A Serverless Solution to Keeping Git Repositories Synchronized

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Automate File Processing with S3 Event Notifications

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Use git-remote-codecommit to Clone AWS CodeCommit Repositories without Creating IAM Users

Up until March 2020, the only way to connect to AWS CodeCommit repositories was to create an IAM user, generate Git credentials … Read The Full News

AWS CodeStar – Spring Boot Microservices

AWS CodeStar is a managed service from AWS that lets us quickly develop, build & deploy various applications across development languages, such … Read The Full News

AWS CloudFormation CreationPolicy vs WaitCondition

Both CreationPolicy & WaitCondition are used to delay the creation of a CloudFormation stack. In this article, we’ll see the differences between … Read The Full News

A Simplistic Guide to Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Termination Policies

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling lets you automate the otherwise cumbersome process of maintaining just the right number of instances required to handle … Read The Full News

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