Configure Flux CD in Amazon EKS to Send Live Notifications to Microsoft Teams

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Configure Your SSH Client to Connect to Your EC2 Instances via AWS Systems Manager Session Manager

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NGINX Ingress Controller for Amazon EKS — Frequently Used Annotations

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Velero for Kubernetes Backup: Install & Configure

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An Introduction to Velero for Kubernetes Backup & Restore

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Understanding the Terraform Resources that Create an AWS API Gateway REST API

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Automate EC2 AMI Build and Deployment with AWS Systems Manager

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Automate EC2 AMI Builds Triggered by Code Pushed to AWS CodeCommit Repositories

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Let Infrastructure Provisioners Create EC2 Instances Without Giving Away SSH Key Pair Access

Unless you’re a startup or a small business, it’s very likely that the people who create your AWS infrastructure are not the … Read The Full News

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