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Automate File Processing with S3 Event Notifications

Consider a scenario where you need to perform some kind of automated processing on files that arrive at a particular location as … Read The Full News

Use git-remote-codecommit to Clone AWS CodeCommit Repositories without Creating IAM Users

Up until March 2020, the only way to connect to AWS CodeCommit repositories was to create an IAM user, generate Git credentials … Read The Full News

Sharing Secrets in Secrets Manager with Other AWS Accounts

Say you have a secret stored in AWS Secrets Manager in Account A & you need to make this secret available for … Read The Full News

A Simple 3 Step Guide to Cross-Account Access in AWS

Consider a scenario: you have 2 AWS accounts: dev & prod. You need an IAM user in dev to be able to … Read The Full News

AWS Certification Guide – Identify and Prepare

AWS has many certification options. It’s not always easy to understand the different paths and the many certification possibilities. This is not … Read The Full News

Understanding Amazon S3 Encryption Mechanisms

S3 provides several encryption mechanisms to protect your data at rest. These can be broadly categorized into server-side encryption & client-side encryption. … Read The Full News

AWS IAM Roles: Types & Use Cases

An IAM user in AWS represents a real-world entity that needs access to AWS resources, like a person or an application. The … Read The Full News

AWS CodeStar – Spring Boot Microservices

AWS CodeStar is a managed service from AWS that lets us quickly develop, build & deploy various applications across development languages, such … Read The Full News

AWS CloudFormation CreationPolicy vs WaitCondition

Both CreationPolicy & WaitCondition are used to delay the creation of a CloudFormation stack. In this article, we’ll see the differences between … Read The Full News

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