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A Simplistic Guide to Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Termination Policies

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling lets you automate the otherwise cumbersome process of maintaining just the right number of instances required to handle … Read The Full News

How to Send an SMS from AWS Lambda

Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS) can send a text message (SMS) to mobile phones almost anywhere in the world. But how can … Read The Full News

Push Realtime Streaming Data to Clients using Amazon API Gateway’s WebSocket API

Realizing the value of real-time data insights, most businesses today have implemented some kind of streaming data capture & analysis mechanism. One … Read The Full News

Handling Redirects in a DNS + CloudFront + Load Balancer + EC2 Stack

If you’re hosting a website on AWS, there’s often a need to set up various kinds of redirects for the site: HTTP … Read The Full News

Lessons Learned: Running Java 8 Lambda Functions Inside a VPC

Last year, we built a cloud-native app with an Angular frontend, a Lambda backend & an RDS DB. When it was time … Read The Full News

No More Lambda Warmups! Use Provisioned Concurrency Instead!

If you have ventured into serverless computing, you must have come across the dreaded “cold starts”. That’s when a request has come … Read The Full News

Using Angular to Invoke APIs Hosted on Amazon API Gateway, Secured using Cognito User Pools

This article describes how to secure an API in Amazon API Gateway. Here we’ll see how to invoke a secure API programmatically … Read The Full News

Securing REST APIs in Amazon API Gateway using Amazon Cognito User Pools and OAuth 2.0

Say you have an API deployed on Amazon API gateway: $ curl https://*******.execute-api.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/dev {     “message”: “Hello!” } Anybody can hit … Read The Full News

Mocking REST API Responses in Amazon API Gateway

It’s often the case that the team developing the services deployed behind an API Gateway setup is not the same as the … Read The Full News

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