AWS CodeStar – Spring Boot Microservices

AWS CodeStar is a managed service from AWS that lets us quickly develop, build & deploy various applications across development languages, such as Java, Javascript, PHP, Ruby & Python.

We begin at the CodeStar home page at Create a New Project and choose the Java Spring Lambda Web Service template:



Enter project name and ID and click Next:





Review project details and create project:





 Select AWS Cloud9 as our code editor and click Next:



Select your preferred instance type and click Next:



We now arrive at our Project Dashboard. Wait for the Cloud9 environment to finish creating. Once that’s done, we need a way to try out our brand new micro service.

Add the App Endpoints tile to the Dashboard:




Open the App Endpoint in a new tab to see the output:


    "Output": "Hello World!"


Let’s try changing this! To get to our code, switch to the IDE tab & click Open IDE:




In the IDE, open and change ‘Hello World!’ to ‘Hello World 2!’



Do the same in



Commit & Push these changes:



Wait a few minutes for the automated Build & Deployment to finish. Now reopen the App Endpoint to see the change we made:


    "Output":"Hello World 2!"


This was a simple example demonstrating the power of CodeStar. The code can be further elaborated to create full-fledged microservices!



Harish KM is a Cloud Evangelist & a Full Stack Engineer at QloudX. He is very passionate about cloud-native solutions & using the best tools for his projects. With 10+ cloud & IT certifications, he is an expert in a multitude of application languages & is up-to-date with all new offerings & services from cloud providers, especially AWS.

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