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There is a lot of value in data and most companies have not even begun to realize the potential of theirs. Take your Data & Analytics seriously and outperform your competitors.

QloudX is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with recognized Data & Analytics capabilities and experience across continents.

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    We live and breathe Data & Analytics, and help our customers to unlock insights and create value from various data sources. We also extend data insight with automated actions so that our customers are able to reduce manual interactions and can instead rely on automated and semi-automated processes, ensuring higher quality data.

    Analytics is complex though and there is so much more to consider than implementing traditional Business Intelligence. Instead, realize a steady stream of trustworthy insights by deploying a modern Data Platform complete with Data Lakes, Microservices- and API-enabled data integration/visualization, and AI/ML.

    At the foundation, the data lake allows you to store all your structured and unstructured data. One of the main differences from a data warehouse is that you can store your data as-is, without having to first structure the data. This makes it attractive to include data from new sources such as documents, spreadsheets, social media, IoT devices and click-stream data, to name a few examples. We help you identify the best use-cases to kickstart your Data Journey.

    The Data Journey  

    Embark on a transformative expedition through your data landscape with our bespoke Data Journeys. We craft robust platforms that harmonize every facet of your business data, unveiling untapped potential and driving unprecedented value. Discover the power of unified insights and unlock the true heartbeat of your operations.

    Below is a general outline of how such a Data Journey might look, based on past experience with both big and small customers.

    Data Platform Arrow

    The Data Platform


    Data Platform Architecture

    Cloud Database

    Infrastructure Setup


    Data Lake Creation


    Data Modeling


    Data Collection & Ingestion


    Data Trans-formation


    Data Warehouse


    Business Insights & Reports

    Analytics Arrow

    Advanced Analytics & Value Addition

    Round-Head Gear



    Data as a Service

    Round-Counting Frame

    Prescriptive Analytics

    Demand Forecasting

    Predictive  Analytics


    On-Demand Analytics


    Real-Time Analytics

    We will understand your existing applications, data strategy, data warehouses, dashboards etc. to identify gaps and new applications and processes to enhance data capture.

    What our Customers Say  

    Slide 5 – DXL

       The experts from QloudX (a Systems Plus Group Company) partnered with us to understand the true value of our data and what it could do for our business. They helped us build a next-generation data platform on AWS, which has allowed us to ingest various application & SaaS data sources, unlocking new insights and potential. We are excited to continue our journey with Systems Plus and QloudX to develop the next phases of our data platform with many more possibilities including AI & Machine Learning.

    Dave Potter

    VP, Managing Director – Technology & Innovation
    Destination XL Group

    11 Organizational Struggles that our Data Solutions Solve  

    Ensuring that data is accurate, consistent, and reliable is a pervasive challenge. Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to flawed analysis and decision-making.

    Many organizations have data stored in different systems or departments, making it difficult to integrate and analyze data comprehensively. Additionally, managing a diverse range of data sources, formats, and technologies can be overwhelming and lead to inefficiencies.

    With the increasing volume of cyber threats, organizations struggle to ensure the security and privacy of their sensitive data. On top of this, inadequate data governance practices can result in data privacy breaches, compliance issues, and confusion over data ownership and stewardship.

    A shortage of skilled data professionals who can work with data effectively, including data scientists, analysts, and engineers.

    As data volumes grow, organizations often face challenges in scaling their infrastructure and systems to handle the increased load.

    Processing and analyzing data in real-time or near-real-time can be a significant hurdle, especially for industries that require immediate insights.

    Some organizations lack a well-defined strategy for how data and analytics fit into their overall business strategy. Bridging the gap between the business objectives and the technical capabilities required for effective data analytics can be a struggle.

    Balancing the costs associated with data storage, processing, and analytics tools with the value derived from data-driven insights.

    Getting employees and stakeholders to adopt new data-driven approaches and technologies can be met with resistance.

    Ensuring compliance with data protection laws and industry-specific regulations, which can be complex and subject to change.

    Even with access to vast amounts of data, organizations may struggle to turn it into actionable insights that drive meaningful business outcomes. Thus, conveying complex data insights in a clear and understandable manner for decision-makers can be a challenge.

    Unlocking Business Value

    In the realm of data, it’s not just about amassing information—it’s about deriving meaningful value. We ensure that every piece of information serves a purpose, driving decisions that truly matter for your business.


    Kick-start your analytics journey, fostering a data-driven culture and gaining a deeper understanding of business challenges.


    Access real-time analytics for timely decisions, ensuring you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.


    Establish a Data Center of Excellence, streamlining data access, enhancing security, and enabling scalability and reusability.


    Achieve cost savings through improved data management, reduced operational overhead, and optimized resource allocation.


    Simplify data access, foster a data- driven culture, and improve decision-making by unifying access to all data sources.

    Features of your Data Platform  

    We build product-specific data platforms which accelerate unlocking potential.


    2-Tier Data Lakes Across Product Lines

    • A data lake is a centralized secure repository that allows you to store, govern, discover, and share all your structured and unstructured data at any scale.
    • Data lakes don’t require a pre-defined schema, so you can process raw data without having to know what insights you might want to explore in the future.
    • A proven Data Governance framework with Data engineering pipelines can easily be applied to further curate high quality data needed for Modern Analytics / AI-ML.

    ML-Powered Cloud Native Analytics

    • An ML-Powered BI Service platform has the most comprehensive features with full fledged out of box support for visualizations and predictive analytics
    • Gain deeper insights for e.g., what-if analyses, anomaly detection, ML-based forecasting, churn prediction etc. and improve overall efficiency multifold.
    • Enable more people to innovate with ML through a choice of tools — IDEs for data scientists and no-code interface for business analysts.

    Reliable Data Science Platform

    • A Data Science platform with the most comprehensive features and fully fledged development tools, backed by industry leading out of box support for ML frameworks.
    • Build AI models or deploy readily available models at scale with consistent processes.
    • Perform reliably in high volume transaction environments in a predictable manner and with >90% accuracy.
    • Ability to deploy models at the edge to greatly improve efficiency.

    Industrial Internet of Things

    • Industrial IoT (IIoT) brings machines, cloud computing, analytics, and people together to improve the performance and productivity of industrial processes.
    • Digitize processes, transform business models, and improve performance and productivity, while decreasing waste.
    • Deliver value across a variety of use cases including predictive quality and maintenance analytics, asset condition monitoring, and process optimization.

    Data Governance  

    Strong data governance is an integral part of any data platform to consistently enrich and curate data sources for single source of truth. Additionally, a data governance framework with data engineering pipelines can easily be applied to further curate high quality data needed for Modern Analytics/ML.


    Activities We Do

    Activities We Do

    Data Discovery
    • Metadata Management
    • Data Assets Searchability
    • Data Lineage

    Data Quality

    • Data Cleansing Process
    • Data Quality Rules
    • Data Incident and Root Cause Analysis Process

    Data Security

    • Network and Infrastructure Protection
    • Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention
    • Security and Access Framework
    • GDPR Compliance

    Data Classification

    • Sensitive Data Identification
    • Master Data Management
    • Authoritative System Synchronization
    • SCD Management

    Is your company an ideal candidate for receiving our FREE POC Data Platform? Simply complete the form, and we will evaluate your eligibility and respond accordingly.

      Our Data Partnerships  

      Amazon Web Services

      By joining forces with AWS, we are leveraging their unmatched infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies to offer our clients unparalleled scalability, reliability, and security in handling their valuable data assets. With AWS’s robust cloud platform, we’re equipped to handle data of any volume, ensuring that your business operations can thrive without limitations.

      AWS’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities empower us to extract valuable insights and drive data-driven decision-making for our clients. Whether it’s predictive modeling, anomaly detection, or sentiment analysis, our combined expertise opens up new horizons for businesses seeking to unlock the true potential of their data.

      Additionally, through our partnership with AWS, we’re able to offer state-of-the-art security features and compliance protocols that adhere to industry standards and regulations. Your data is safeguarded with the highest level of protection, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring regulatory compliance.

      aws logo

      Treasure Data

      According to McKinsey, the number of digital customer interactions has tripled in the last few years, largely due to the pandemic. This has set a requirement for organizations to have a data foundation that enables a seamless customer experience across both physical and digital channels.

      QloudX has built customized and expansive Customer Data Platforms (CDP) for small- and medium-sized customers in the past, with the goal of achieving a data-driven and modern customer experience. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) combines data from multiple sources to create a single platform containing data on all touchpoints and interactions with your product or service. This can then be used for additional insight and to create personalized marketing campaigns.

      QloudX has partnered with Treasure Data to enable exceptional experiences with security and privacy-compliance in mind. Founded in 2011, Treasure Data is the leading enterprise CDP and a SoftBank backed company that has received over $250 Million in funding. The purpose of our partnership is to drive additional value from the TD platform through our local or industry expertise. QloudX and Treasure Data collaborate to jointly expand our data capabilities and ensure successful implementation and delivery for our clients.

      Learn more about Treasure Data.

      Key Tools & Technologies  

      In the ever-evolving landscape of data solutions, the right tools and technologies form the backbone of success. We pride ourselves on harnessing a powerful arsenal of cutting-edge resources designed to unlock the full potential of your data.

      We work with a plethora of tools and technologies, but we want to highlight key tools where our expertise goes above and beyond – so much so that AWS has given us specific designations for these. Only select partners are given these designations.

      AWS Glue

      As part of cloud modernization initiatives, the goal is to efficiently pull data into the cloud, perform the required data transformations, and then push that data into the data lake. AWS Glue is a hugely advantageous and cost-effective solution for achieving these data goals at scale.

      We apply AWS Glue for data integration, data pipeline, and data catalogue use-cases.

      QloudX is 1 of 73 AWS Partners globally with this designation as of February 2024.

      Amazon Redshift

      Amazon Redshift accelerates time to insights with fast, easy, and secure cloud data warehousing at scale. Being a fully managed serverless cloud data warehouse platform, Redshift drastically reduces the effort needed to create and manage the required infrastructure. It can horizontally scale to manage any volume of data.

      We develop solutions that integrate Amazon Redshift with purpose-built AWS analytics services, providing a modern scalable, secure, and cost-effective analytics solution.

      QloudX is 1 of 161 AWS Partners globally with this designation as of February 2024.

      Designation Coming Soon!

      Amazon QuickSight

      Amazon QuickSight enables you to build customizable dashboards and interactive reports that connect to multiple data sources with rocket-fast response times to provide real-time insights. Additionally, machine learning tools identify hidden trends, discover key business drivers, and present complex data in natural language.

      We help you develop meaningful business insights through Amazon QuickSight to automatically scale tens to tens of thousands of users without any infrastructure to manage. Additionally, we help scale your BI solution to minimize cost and optimize performance.

      Data Case Studies  

      Read more about how we have helped our customers move forward on their data journey

      How To Get Started

      Anna Holstensson

      Director – Customer Success

      To start your Data and Analytics Journey, contact Anna at or +46 70 316 83 74.

      Anna brings over two decades of software development and IT experience to her role, with a history of senior positions spanning from commercial to more operationally oriented roles. Her expertise lies in aligning business strategies with IT solutions, bridging the gap between these critical domains. Anna’s extensive experience includes collaborating closely with cross-functional teams across diverse geographical regions. For more details, check her full bio.

      Ritesh Patel

      Data Practice Lead

      To start your Data and Analytics journey, contact Ritesh at or +91 99 248 28 699.

      Ritesh has more than 17 years of experience in the IT industry spanning logistic Product development, Solution Architect, and Data Architect. Experience in the development of many logistic products, which includes Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Trucking, etc. For more details, check his full bio.

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