Amazon API Gateway

QloudX, with its AWS certified team, has delivered a cloud native enterprise solution to its esteemed customers with multiple deployments. “Serverless” infrastructures reduces the complexity for building a scalable application, while at the same time enables a high level of independent service with no servers to manage and pay-per-use pricing model. Serverless enables building complex scripts and jobs rapidly without adding high management overhead.

One of the core technologies that we consider for digital transformation architecture is Amazon API Gateway.

Amazon API Gateway helps building secure and scalable APIs rapidly, with variety of different types of architectures. It also helps building an application with minimal latency, 60% faster, and maximum functionality. Some of the core benefits of this technology are:

Efficient development – Now running multiple versions of the same API simultaneously is easily possible with Amazon API Gateway. It helps quickly iterate, test, and release new versions.

Performance and Scaling – With lowest possible latency for API requests and responses using AWS global network locations using Amazon CloudFront.

Easy monitoring – Amazon API Gateway dashboard helps monitor the performance metrics and other information on API calls, data latency, and error rates allowing visually monitor calls to your services using Amazon CloudWatch.

Flexible security controls – Amazon API Gateway offers native OIDC and OAuth2 support to authorize access to your APIs with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Amazon Cognito. It also supports custom authorization requirements using AWS Lambda.

Multiple API options – like REST and HTTP APIs – Creating a RESTful APIs using HTTP APIs or REST APIs is easy. HTTP APIs are up to 71% cheaper than REST APIs and are the best way to build APIs for a majority of use cases.

Amazon API Gateway is a MUST to achieve modern architecture deployment towards digital transformation and delivers the true cloud promise.

We believe that AWS’s approach to constant supply of new and innovative services, like Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda and “serverless”, helps rapidly building solutions as compared to the traditional way.

With multiple solutions designed and delivered, QloudX has established expertise in designing, building, deploying, and supporting “serverless” applications. Our AWS certified professional and collective knowledge; we can help accelerate the digital transformation projects.

Our experience – A case study

One of our architecture and use cases of “serverless” architecture with Amazon API Gateway – a cloud native Enterprise Integration Hub

Executive summary

Enterprises need to integrate and combine data because it allows them to generate value from diverse data sources. This could be from internal data sources such as ERP & HRMS, but also external data from SaaS application as well as data from external suppliers & partners. One of the key requirements is fast and steady performance.

An iPaaS solution facilitates this integration as a convergence point. While an off the shelf iPaaS application would provide a traditional feature set, a cloud native custom-built solution offers full control from end to end with a higher ROI, especially on a long-term basis.

Based on above facts, it was decided to develop a custom cloud native iPaaS solution.

Our solution

A serverless architecture with a rule-based application with full microservice architecture. A suite of AWS tools and services were critical to building this solution, including:

AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront.

Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda were used to provide microservices backend architecture to ensure scalability, minimal latency and maximum functionality.

Creating value & benefits

The project was built and live in less than 4 months. Since the entire solution was built using AWS cloud native technologies paired with our DevOps expertise, project was completed with a 40% cost saving compared to traditional application development.

The application performance response time clocks in at less than 100ms consistently, even when scaling. On top of this, a progressive web design and configurable rules engine enhances the overall customer experience.

Finally, we also ensured the data would remain secure at rest and in transit using Amazon API Gateway.