Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway is a MUST to achieve modern architecture deployment towards digital transformation and delivers the true cloud promise. Amazon API Gateway helps to build secure and scalable APIs rapidly, with a variety of different types of architectures. It also helps to build an application with minimal latency, 60% faster, and maximum functionality. 

Key Benefits


Now running multiple versions of the same API simultaneously is easily possible with Amazon API Gateway. It helps quickly iterate, test, and release new versions.

and Scaling

With the lowest possible latency for API requests and responses using AWS global network locations using Amazon CloudFront.


Easy monitoring – Amazon API Gateway dashboard helps monitor the performance metrics and other information on API calls, data latency, and error rates allowing visually monitor calls to your services using Amazon CloudWatch.

Flexible Security

Amazon API Gateway offers native OIDC and OAuth2 support to authorize access to your APIs with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Amazon Cognito. It also supports custom authorization requirements using AWS Lambda.

Multiple API

Multiple options like REST and HTTP APIs – Creating RESTful APIs using HTTP APIs or REST APIs is easy. HTTP APIs are up to 71% cheaper than REST APIs and are the best way to build APIs for a majority of use cases.

Why QlouDX

QloudX, with its AWS certified team, has delivered a cloud native enterprise solution to its esteemed customers with multiple deployments. “Serverless” infrastructures reduces the complexity for building a scalable application, while at the same time enables a high level of independent service with no servers to manage and pay-per-use pricing model. Serverless enables building complex scripts and jobs rapidly without adding high management overhead.

With multiple solutions designed and delivered, QloudX has established expertise in designing, building, deploying, and supporting “serverless” applications. With our AWS-certified professional and collective knowledge; we can help accelerate the digital transformation projects.

One of the core technologies that we consider for digital transformation architecture is Amazon API Gateway.


QloudX has designed and developed cloud native serverless applications. An examples can be found below.

CASE STUDY I – Transportation and Logistics


A 100-year old retail brand was required to integrate data from multiple sources such as Mobile applications, HRMS, Salesforce Demandware, Order Management System, and SAP ERP. This customer wanted to see if iPaaS solutions such as Dell Boomi fit their needs or if they could achieve similar results at a lower cost using serverless cloud native solution using Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and others.

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Ritesh Patel – AWS Solutions Architect

To start your journey with Serverless Cloud Solution, contact Ritesh at or +91 99 248 28 699.

Ritesh has more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry spanning logistic Product development, Solution Architect, and Data Architect. Experience in the development of many logistic products, which includes Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Trucking, etc. For more details, check his full bio.

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