Create AWS Resources using CloudFormation from SSM Parameter Store

Introduction CloudFormation is generally known as IAC (Infrastructure as Code). We create templates as a blueprint for building AWS resources that are … Read The Full News

How to Recover lost Windows EC2 instance Key Pair

Introduction There is a concept of key pair in AWS & key pairs are generally used when we want to launch any … Read The Full News

Explore AWS Snapshot Behavior of Agentless CNAPP Solutions using CloudTrail & Athena

Introduction We recently evaluated several CNAPP solutions for AWS. Many were agent-based, some were hybrid, while some of these were completely agentless. … Read The Full News

Migrate DeploymentConfigs & Routes from OpenShift Templates to Helm Charts

Introduction In an earlier blog post, we looked at how to live migrate running production customer workloads from being managed by OpenShift … Read The Full News

Live Migrate Production Workloads from OpenShift Templates to Helm Charts

Introduction In an earlier post, we looked at how to convert OpenShift templates to helm charts. In this post, we’ll see how … Read The Full News

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Migrate Workloads from OpenShift Templates to Helm Charts

Introduction The DevOps team at QloudX recently completed a large-scale migration of 160+ containerized microservices from OpenShift to Amazon EKS for one … Read The Full News

Evaluating CNAPP Solutions for AWS

Introduction CNAPP stands for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform. CNAPP is a new category of software security products, that encompass the functionalities of … Read The Full News

Dimensioning & Costing AWS Workloads using AWS Cost & Usage Reports (CUR)

Introduction This article describes an approach for correlating the business outcome of an AWS workload with the cost of its AWS resources. … Read The Full News

Decommission & Cleanup Legacy S3 Buckets at Scale

Introduction As part of a multi-year large-scale restructuring of our 90+ AWS accounts, we recently migrated a lot of workloads from legacy … Read The Full News

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