Auto-Approve Terraform Apply If Planned Changes Match Expected Changes

Scenario Consider this scenario: You have a few Terraform modules that are used to deploy (AWS) infrastructure in several environments / regions … Read The Full News

Terraform Module for a Ready-to-Use Amazon EKS Cluster, with EKS Fargate & AWS IRSA, & Karpenter, with Spot Nodes & ABS

Introduction I recently spent a few days writing the “perfect” Terraform module for a complete, end-to-end, ready-to-use, EKS cluster, with a number … Read The Full News

Terraform for AWS Cost Anomaly Detection

Cost Anomaly Detection AWS Cost Anomaly Detection is a relatively new feature of AWS Cost Management. It continuously monitors your AWS resource … Read The Full News

Understanding the Terraform Resources that Create an AWS API Gateway REST API

If you have ever tried to create a REST API in AWS API Gateway using Terraform, you know how cumbersome it can … Read The Full News

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