Digital Transformation In The Retail Industry

The Retail Industry supplies consumers with goods – not to be resold but to be used and consumed. The industry has been challenged across the board by rapidly changing technological standards and evolving customer expectations. In recent years, and especially due to the covid pandemic, there has been a large focus on everything e-commerce, such as price optimization, predictive analytics, churn rate reduction.

Many traditional retailers have not been able to keep up and compete. While several large retailers have declared bankruptcy, others have flourished during the 4th industrial revolution. This differentiation has largely been due to their ability to adapt rapidly to a changing market. Traditional IT just doesn’t cut it anymore, as access to the highest quality, accurate and timely data is critical. The key is a successful digital transformation and cloud journey delivering more value to both customers and end-users. As a retailer, you must be aware of how the market is evolving and what challenges you are facing.

Global Solutions That Give Retailers An Edge  

Our approach to building solutions in the retail space is based on the four pillars below, all supported by a Cloud-First foundation.


Derive Maximum Value

We focus on cloud implementation to ensure you derive maximum value in terms of scalability, performance, and adapatability.


Smart Applications

We build retail solutions along with smart business applications across the retail landscape.


Managed Quality Assurance

We provide overall program management and managed quality assurance services for global niche retailers.

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting & Insight

We unlock data and automation with modern AI/ML and analytics technologies.

What Does This Mean For You?

Our retail solutions provide value across the full extent of retail IT operations to drive your digital transformation and data journey.

Digital Commerce

Access technology, experience, services, and retailing innovation

Integration Hubs

Integrate your systems to build a foundation for data-driven decisions

Cloud Security

Power Business Critical Workloads

Cloud Security

Gain superior performance and security across applications and systems

Intelligent Supply Chain

Use AI-ML for valuable insight and optimize your fulfillment process

Merchandise & Planning

Use AI-ML powered demand forecasting for better merchandising decisions

Optimize All IT Operations

Non-intrusive & predictive solutions for end-to-end visibility into all IT operations

Retail Case Studies  

Read more about how we have helped retail companies modernize in the cloud, seize value & innovate.

How To Get Started  

Niklas Palmqvist – Cofounder, Partner & CEO

To start your Digital Transformation Journey, contact Niklas at or +45 36 99 21 70.

Niklas Palmqvist is Co-Founder of QloudX and a Digital Transformation expert. In his current role, and in his previous role as a global CIO, spearheaded a multitude of digital transformation initiatives for businesses around the globe and across industries. For more details, check his full bio.

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