Mobile App Backend Leveraging IoT and DevOps

Case Study - Transportation and Logistics​

Executive Summary

In response to the challenge of managing data from a fleet of 20 million vehicles, QloudX undertook the development of a mobile app backend, leveraging a comprehensive microservices architecture and a rule-based engine within the AWS serverless framework. This innovative solution offers the dual advantage of seamless scalability to meet evolving requirements and adaptability to diverse data formats. As a result of this implementation, the company not only achieved its objectives but also reaped significant advantages, including heightened dependability and optimized expenditure.

The client, a dynamic startup, aimed to establish a cloud-hosted backend encompassing all essential modules for their application. These encompassed pivotal components such as master data repositories, transactional modules for truck rentals, real-time truck availability updates, proactive notifications, streamlined order cancellation processes, and an integrated ratings system. A paramount aspiration was the establishment of a robust core platform capable of effortlessly accommodating surging data volumes, including those stemming from IoT sources. Specifically, this entailed incorporating intricate GPS data streams and fortifying the infrastructure to seamlessly manage a peak capacity of 20 million vehicles. Throughout this endeavor, paramount emphasis was placed on delivering a platform of exceptional performance and unwavering reliability.

The Challenge

Upon commencing the initial exploration, they encountered a formidable hurdle in locating a pre-existing integration solution capable of effectively managing the ceaselessly expanding data load. This search was compounded by the need to circumvent scalability impediments and the consequent financial implications they could entail.

Moreover, the complexity of the undertaking extended to the creation of an internet-exposed, multi-user, omnichannel platform encompassing both web and mobile applications. This ambitious vision was further complicated by the perpetual flux of security prereuisites, user expectations, UI benchmarks, and design conventions, all necessitating seamless accommodation within the solution.

Our Solution

QloudX’s in-house team of cloud experts has crafted a smart solution using AWS serverless technology, rule-based engines, and a full microservice framework. The building blocks of AWS tools and services were crucial in piecing together this advanced solution.

QloudX’s focus was on creating a solution designed to last, keeping ongoing operational costs low. QloudX achieved this by aligning the strategy and technology with the Amazon Well-Architected Framework and its key principles. This approach ensured the development of a well-structured, modern cloud-native solution that can adapt and grow over the long term.

To streamline the development process, QloudX set up a comprehensive DevOps pipeline. This involved using a combination of AWS and Atlassian tools and services to facilitate smooth collaboration. The actual application runs on the AWS platform. The emphasis on DevOps played a pivotal role in maintaining the platform’s quality. This encompassed practices like Automating Infrastructure setup, managing Code effectively, and ensuring seamless Deployment. QloudX also utilized containerized solutions for business functions and harnessed serverless technology to efficiently manage data flow.

The data collected from IoT devices is employed to train a machine learning model. This model helps pinpoint deviations in scheduling and predict potential order fulfillment issues. In addition, the solution automatically rates vendors based on their historical performance and ongoing behavior monitoring.

Below are some of the core standards and principles followed for achieving the platform requirements:

Delivering Value and Benefits through an Innovative Solution

Within a remarkably brief period of under 4 months, the project was not only completed but also successfully deployed into production. Fulfilling all the customer’s requisites and orchestrating a contemporary end-user experience, the solution went beyond the expected outcomes to offer a range of pivotal benefits and value to the startup:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A modernized User Experience boasting revitalized designs, coupled with consistently rapid service response times clocking in at just a few hundred milliseconds.
  • Unmatched Scalability and Flexibility: The solution’s standout feature lies in its exceptional scalability that aptly accommodates expanding data volumes in step with the company’s growth trajectory. This is made possible through its serverless architecture, ensuring not just scalability but also the flexibility to align with ever-evolving business demands.
  • Remarkable Cost Efficiency: The costs of infrastructure hosting are minimized to the utmost due to the integration of containerized and serverless solutions, harmonized with cloud-native databases.
  • Simplified Change Management: Navigating change is made considerably smoother through the robust Atlassian suite and the suite of AWS DevOps tools, which encompasses CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy.
  • Seamless Zero Downtime Deployment: The implementation saw deployment occurring seamlessly, devoid of any downtime and with no adverse impact on the existing customer environment.
  • Expedited Project Delivery: The timeline for project completion underwent a striking transformation, shrinking from an initial projection of over a year down to a mere 4 months.
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