Case Study VII

Case Studies

Case Study VII

iPaaS – Enterprise Integration Hub

A 100-year old retail brand was required to integrate an employee HRMS, SalesForce Demandware, an Order Management System and SAP ERP. This customer wanted to see if iPaaS solutions such as Dell Boomi fit their needs or if they could achieve similar results at a lower cost.

They also found it challenging to find integration solutions that could work in sync with ever growing data without having to worry about scaling and associated runaway costs.

Once the decision had been made to custom develop this application, we developed a serverless, rule-based application with full microservice architecture that we deployed in AWS. We completed and deployed the project in production in less than 4 months. And since we developed using cloud native technologies paired with our DevOps expertise, we managed to complete it with a 40% saving compared to traditional application development.

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