Mobile App Backend using AWS and DevOps

Case Study - Transportation and Logistics​

Mobile App Backend using AWS and DevOps

Executive Summary

To handle the growing data of 20 million vehicles, a mobile app backend was developed with a full microservice and rule-based engine using AWS serverless architecture. This solution has the ability to scale on-demand while taking into account a wide range of changing requirements and data types. The company realized its goals and gained a number of key benefits, like increased reliability and minimal costs.


One of the fastest-growing software companies in India is building software and providing advanced technology services to their customers in order to add business value. QloudX was approached to assist in the development of a transportation app.

The company wanted a cloud-hosted backend containing all modules that would be required for the app. This included master data, transaction modules for truck hire, truck availability, notifications, order cancellations, as well as provisions for ratings. They also wanted the core platform to be able to handle growing data at an increasing scale. This included their GPS data and a data backbone with the capacity to handle 20 million vehicles (at the peak). Overall, they wanted the platform to be extremely performant and reliable.

The Challenge

During the initial investigation, they found it challenging to find an off-the-shelf integration solution that could handle ever-growing data, without having to worry about scaling issues and associated costs.

Additionally, the solution was to accommodate an internet-facing, multi-user, omnichannel platform comprising of Web and Mobile apps that saw constantly changing security requirements, user requirements, UI standards, and design norms.

Our Solution

QloudX’s in-house team of cloud experts created a solution that uses AWS serverless and rule-based engines with full microservice architecture. AWS tools and services were critical to building this solution.

The solution was built for longevity and low operating cost by anchoring strategy decisions and technology components around the Amazon Well-Architected Framework and key drivers. A properly architected and modern cloud-native solution was realized that accounted for a long lifespan, ensuring it is continually evolved, enhanced, and refreshed.

Below are some of the core standards and principles followed for achieving the platform requirements:

A full DevOps pipeline was assembled using a combination of AWS and Atlassian tools and services, while the application is being hosted and run in AWS.

It was imperative that DevOps played a major role to ensure a high-quality platform output. This included the use of Automated Infrastructure, Code Management, and Deployment, Containerized Solutions for the business services, and serverless technology for data flow management.

A Solution that creates Value & Benefits

The project was completed and deployed in production in less than 4 months.

The solution met all the customer’s needs and requirements while providing a number of key benefits:

  • Absolute minimal infrastructure hosting costs due to containerized and serverless solutions along with cloud-native databases.
  • Zero downtime service deployment.
  • Project Delivery time reduced from over a year to 4 months.
  • Modern User Experience with service response times always within a few hundred milliseconds.
  • Easier change management due to strong Atlassian suite and AWS DevOps tools including CodeCommit and CodeBuild/CodeDeploy.
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